TV Programming

Catching Excellence: Lombardi and Starr

An intimate look at the relationship between legendary coach Vince Lombardi and his unknown quarterback Bart Starr. The two teamed up to create one of the greatest dynasties in NFL history.

Before the League

How did football start as a sport?  Who played?  Why is it now the biggest sport in the US?  All questions that were answered in the 6 part series, Before the League.

Rivalry Restored

New coaches, high profiles.  Can a rivalry get any better!  OSU v Michigan has never been better.

1967 Dayton Flyers Roundtable

1967 University of Dayton team mates and coach talk about the fantastic year leading up to the Championship game.

Conversations (series)

An in depth interview with sports legends.

CIF : A Century of Sports

The California Interscholastic Federation turned 100.  They needed someone to help tell the story of their first 100 year.  We were happy to help.

Massive Supporters

Soccer fans are in a league of their own...and the Columbus Crew SC fans always go big!
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