CareSource - The Big Game

Taking inspiration from famous locker room pep talks, CareSource wanted to inspire their employees to give it their all as new changes in workflow and structure were being implemented. 

STEM: A pathway to Success

Steel toed boots and safety glasses are standard gear when shooting in many industrial facilities.  We strive to stay safe and get the shot that will best tell the story for our clients.  

Fuyao - Grand Opening

When you are having a grand opening ceremony for the largest auto glass manufacturing plant in the world, of course you call DH Productions to make that video.

The Therapeutic Riding Institute

TRI Ohio was one of the first riding institutes in the nation to provide lessons for special needs children and adults.  They are still going strong over 45 years later.  Listen as their volunteers describe what makes this place so special for so many people.

Dupps - Capabilities

For more than eighty years the Dupps Company has been the worldwide leader in providing high-quality rendering equipment. We helped their agency illustrate new processes and new technologies. 

Hobart - AM15

Hobart Corp needed to send a brief internal message to sales people covering the basics of a  product.
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